“Lungs of the City“ team - Environmentally positive architecture

The strongest resource of the city of Pécs lies in the human expertise educated at the University. A series of innovative developments based on them may be the way out of the current backward economic situation.

Our goal is to develop Pécs as a livable, healthy and developing city, to maintain and activate the highly qualified university layer in the economic, social and ecological life of the city. This requires a secure livelihood and a healthy environment.

The path to our goal is to validate the spirit of “Environmentally Positive Architecture” in all areas of life. The RGB project is a sample from the road to a positive future.
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Solar Decathlon is the world’s most significant international, innovational, university competition today. The first competition was held in 2002, since then, it has been touring the world every two years.

Building on the creativity and innovative capacity of young people, the basic aim of the initiation is that university researchers to work with industry partners, sponsors and to design innovative, energy-efficient houses that can be sample-homes for sustainability.

In 2021, the European competition will be held in Wuppertal, where among the 18 international teams, the creative student team of University of Pécs represent Hungary, under the name “Lungs of the City”.
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The Lungs of the City team is a diverse multidisciplinary community consisting of creative creators from innovative students, doctoral students and lecturers of the University of Pécs.

Our common goal is to research, implement and disseminate “Environmentally Positive Architecture” in the world.

10 countries - 12 disciplines - 72 innovative minds - 1 community. This is our greatest strength.
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One of the key goals of the Solar Decathlon competitions is for university research and development projects and industry actors to make commitments and steps towards a sustainable green future, working together to create a coherent whole.

Already in the fight for the ecological balance, we have already found outstanding industrial partners and supporters in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition, who will continue to accompany us in the upcoming competitions.

The number of our supporters is constantly growing, which shows both our commitment to the fight against the climate crisis and the success of the goal that has defined this innovative fight as cooperation with universities.
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