The team of the University of Pécs was the first to participate in the Solar Decathlon Europe Innovative Student Competition in 2019. During the competition in Szentendre, we formed a team together with the electrical engineering students of the University of Miskolc. At that time, we dealt with the energetic renovation of the 800,000 family house type house, the “Kádár Cube”, built in the 1970s and 1980s.

The primary goal of the implemented Hungarian Nest + project was a green energy home reconstruction with extra energy, which in the ecological footprint of the reconstruction proposal sought to be energy-positive in its operation, while its emissions were close to zero. The project eventually won 4 awards during the competition, including 3rd place in the energy efficiency and 2nd place in the architectural competition.

Based on the decision of the Hungarian government, the plans of the completed building, both in the light structure category and in the green renovation program category, became part of the Hungarian model house program.
We were the only Hungarian participant in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021 competition in Wuppertal among the 18 international competition teams. The competition is huge and the goal we set for ourselves has never been achieved by anyone.

The Hungarian team of the SDE2021 competition, "Lungs of the City", goes beyond the boundaries of the concept of extra-energy houses that are decisive today.

The principles of “Environmentally Positive Architecture” aim to show a positive green energy balance and an emission value close to zero in a life cycle study rather than a house’s operational performance.
Our team is constantly evolving, as project subjects become more and more popular every new semesters, inspired by the preparation for the Solar Decathlon Europe competition.

Currently, our student team consists of 14 doctoral students and 49 undergraduate and graduate students, assisted by 9 faculty members.