“Lungs of the City“ team - Environmentally positive architecture The strongest resource of the city of Pécs lies within the intellectual ability and expertise of its residents, which is enhanced at the city's University At the same time, the city is unable to keep graduates in place, so the cities investement in their education pays interest elsewhere. The city's industry and economy are weak, its competitiveness is low, and its high value-added economic work area (tertiary / quaternary sector) is minimal. Its social composition shows a strongly aging age tree.

Our goal is to develop Pécs into a livable, healthy and developing city, to maintain and activate the highly qualified university layer in the economic, social and ecological life of the city.

The means of keeping students here have been grouped around five points.
The Five
1. Creating quality jobs: economic development in line with university qualifications and territorial objectives. Support for areas with high added value (10 University Faculties, more than 100 training areas).

2. Healthy and safe living environment: Ecological urban architecture approach / conscious society education, social responsibility, Green City program, Green energy utilization and cooperative energy use, Reduction of pollutant emissions to almost zero level. RE-8 approach.

3. Affordable and sustainable housing: Designing low-budget, high-energy quality homes with a green architectural approach and “high tech” equipment that meets the expectations of the generation.

4. Cooperative community / social cooperation: The general feature of our time is the break-up of families, the search for a way for young people to stay on their own. The principle of the cooperative community, with a new type of approach, helps to form regenerative community associations in all areas of life (work, private life, parenting, culture, recreation, care) after the break-up of families.

5. Quality services: the emerging, highly qualified social layer raises the number of people performing quality work and professional activities and services by demanding services and active participation in education, thus ensuring social diversity.
The natural conditions of the surroundings of the city of Pécs are outstandingly good, at the same time the downtown living space is one of the most unhealthy in the settlement. According to the city's air pollution survey, one of the areas with the worst indicators is the environment of the main road running through the core of the university town, the neighborhood of which was chosen as the target area of ​​the RGB Project.

Our goal is to implement an “university demonstration project” created with an ecological approach within the RGB array.

The path to our goal is to validate the spirit of “Environmentally Positive Architecture” in all areas of life: Positive Green Energy Efficiency / Zero Emissions / Re-8 Approach.